moving a dog abroad: the complete guide

Rob and I are both confident enough in ourselves to admit that the real star of this blog is Winston. It's cool, we know you've been thinking it (and some have even told us directly).

Almost as soon as we hit "publish" on our first blog post back in October, we started gettinge messages from people planning to move their pets abraod in the future and asking for our advice. We didn't feel right giving advice right away, but now that Winston is safely in his new home, properly registered and has basically been living la dolce vita for four months, we figured it was safe to start sharing our tips for moving your dog abroad.

You have two options when moving your pet abroad: handle it all yourself or hire a pet relocation company to do all or part of the work. We priced out those companies and if we had an endless supply of money we probably would've hired one just to ease our logistical workload, but it wasn't an option for us from a financial perspective. As such, we did every step of the process of ourselves -- and we're pretty pleased with the job that we did.

To help other nervous/stressed pet parents move their dogs abroad, we created a FREE e-book:


The DIY Guide to Moving Your Dog Abroad

FREE E-BOOK! An efficient, effective and (almost) stress-free guide to moving your canine companion overseas.

We put together this free e-book to help other expats (and future expats) with the process of moving their beloved canine companions abroad. Our guide is filled with practical advice and tips for staying organized and handling all of the details yourself. The guide is free, we just ask that you Tweet or Facebook post about the guide.


The DIY Guide to Moving Your Dog Abroad is also available for purchase in print by visiting


It's free in that all we ask you to do is "pay" with a Tweet or Facebook post about your free e-book download. Pretty cool right?

You can also check out a series of articles we've written about moving your dog abroad:

We hope these resources will help answer any questions you have about moving your own dog abroad!

Disclaimer: The information, resources and tips provided in this e-book are intended to inform the reader about the process of moving a dog abroad. As in any situation, it is critically important that the reader seek out additoinal information relevant to their particular situation and needs.