i have a tiny crush on roberto benigni

After posting the trailer for the movie yesterday I decided to look up vintage Roberto Benigni clips on YouTube. I'm officially obsessed with this guy. Here is a clip from a trip to David Letterman.

And here is a video from when he won the Oscar for best foreign film (picture takes you to YouTube). If you are having a bad day this clip will instantly cheer you up. Honestly, I wish more actors and actresses felt comfortable expressing their sheer gratitude and love in this way.

I was surprised in the video above that people laughed when he thanked his parents for giving him his "greatest gift: poverty." I actually found it to be a very genuine, thought-provoking sentiment.

And here is a video (picture takes you to YouTube) from when he won the Oscar for best actor the same night -- the commentator mentions that only he and Sophia Loren have ever won acting Oscars for work in a foreign language film. If you haven't seen the movie and aren't sure it's worth the rental fee, I suggest watching this clip to see who else was nominated for best actor that year -- some of the greatest performances in film…ever.