florence, italy: the gelato festival

Yesterday we made our first trip to the Gelato Festival. It was as amazing as its sounds. It's kind of ridiculous that we can leave our apartment, be at Palazzo Pitti in 5 minutes and start tasting gelato from all around Italy. If you're in Florence between today and Sunday, you should stop by Piazza della Repubblica or Piazza Pitti to purchase a gelato card.

The gelato card entitles you to 5 samples -- the sample sizes are about the same as a small or medium at a gelato shop, so we're talking a serious amount of gelato with those five samples! Rob and I managed to eat two each yesterday, leaving us both with 3 to go. There is a special stand just for doggie gelato and I'm dying to take Winston there today or tomorrow!

The break to Gelato Festival was well-dserved. We spent six hours at the questura yesterday! Nothing bad, just waiting for our turn to get a ticket so we could wait for our turn at the window (bananas, right?!). Rob said it reminded him of a South Park episode and something about a "Line Ride." I watched the clip and it's a pretty good description of what life is like at the questura:


I know the Italian dual citizenship stuff if really interesting to a bunch of our readers, so I'm going to do a separate update post on where we are in the process, how we got there and what's left.