meet charles, frida and albert

When I went on my little Etsy shopping spree for the office redecoration I also decided to pick up some additional art to hang over our bookshelf. I decided on Barcelona-based illustrator Judy Kauffman's famous people prints. These prints are clever and cute -- a mix of the illustration style that I really like and the play on history that Rob enjoys.

It was hard to pick which three we wanted most, but we decided on Albert Einstein, Frida Khalo and Charles Chaplin. I had a thing for the Zorro print, but alas, he didn't make the cut.

Judy's Trip Big Print will be my next Etsy soon as I have a place to actually hang it :-)

P.S. Apologies for the poor lighting in the top two photos -- this part of our apartment doesn't get much natural light and I have an aversion to flash photography.