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Have you ever dreamed about moving abroad? If so, be sure to read our About Us and Moving to Italy pages to learn more about how we made it happen. We also recently started a new Expat Life Interview Series on our blog that's been quite popular.

What the heck is Italian dual citizenship? You only have to be on our blog for about 2 minutes to notice that we write about dual citizenship a lot. God bless Italy, they have citizenship laws that allow descendants of Italian citizens to reclaim their rightful Italian citizenship so long as the original relative never denounced it. Confusing, I know, but pretty awesome. I wrote a multimedia guide about the process and it's pretty darn helpful, if I do say so myself.

What do we do for a living that allows us to live abroad? My husband and I work together in our own web consulting business -- we help small businesses develop and execute their web-based marketing strategies (think website design, web content, etc.). I also do some freelance travel writing and have styling experience, so feel free to contact me about those types of gigs, too.

Wondering how I picked the stores/restaurants/sites I wrote about in the guide? I tried to select a good mix of off the beaten path spots with tried-and-true favorites. Just because a spot is popular with tourists, doesn't mean it isn't good...some places get popular for good reasons. Think I missed something? Shoot me an email and let me know! Before any trip to Florence, I highly suggest checking out The Florentine, an English-language monthly publication. They are seriously in-the-know when it comes to events big and small here in Florence.

Obsessed with interior design? Me, too! We recently turned a really funky corner of our apartment into a fantastic office space.

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