living (and eating!) in florence, italy: what's in season

A funny thing happens when you live in Italy and only shop at local fruit and veggie stands: you eat a 100 mile diet without really trying. The produce always tastes fresh and amazing. The strawberries and raspberries I bought from the store down the street on Monday were out of this world.

I'll admit it, I was a little annoyed last week when we made Channa Saag and couldn't find any fresh greens to throw in, but at the same time I thought to myself "Well, if it's not fresh right now maybe I shouldn't want to eat it."

We participated in a great farm CSA when we lived in Kentucky a few years ago and I was embarassingly uneducated about what is in season when. I was just used to being able to walk into a grocery store, pick up some eggplant and be on my way. Here in Italy people seem to be very tuned in to what they should be eating.

P.S. Our very first vine-ripened tomato is blooming in the garden. Say a prayer that Winston doesn't snatch it one day while we're working :-)