plotting an august escape

There is really no excuse for our lack of blogging lately, but we have been quite busy with work. I (Kate) have also been busy scouring the web for a vacation spot for us for a week or two in August.

Typically summers slow down for us a bit in terms of work, but this summer has been really busy so far. Now, this isn't us complaining (we do need to pay our bills, after all!), but we are in desperate need of a nice trip away and a disconnect from our computers.

A few places I'm scheming to visit...

Lake Como Verenna, Lake Como, Italy

We visited Lake Como six years ago together during the off-season and LOVED it. This is my top choice for our little getaway -- I want to find a teeny little town on the lake and do absolutely nothing for a week or two!

Otranto (a town on the beach in Puglia)


I've heard amazing things about some of the beaches in Puglia. Otranto is supposed to be quite nice. It's a bit of a train ride or drive, so I'm not sure it's in the cards for us quite yet.

Sicily - A beach near Palermo

Mondello Bay

My dad's side of the family is from a town near the coast in the province of Palermo. I'd love to combine a family history trip with a relaxing vacation on the beach. Can you believe the color of that water?

Any suggestions from our readers for a good vacation spot in Italy?