New site header and redesign

We have quite a few people that reader our blog via an RSS subscription and, if you do, we just want to make sure that you don't miss out on the fun new look of our blog!

The most obvious change is our new header image, painted by the ridiculously talented and wonderful Inslee Haynes. The original painting arrived at my parents' house a few days ago (we didn't want to risk shipping it to Italy...postal reliability isn't Italy's strong suit) and I'm not sure they are actually going to bring it with them when they visit in a few months. They love it!

Something else you may have noticed is how we are presenting some of our pictures. I recently discovered Pugly Pixel and it's become a huge design resource for us; her templates, tutorials and design advice are so useful. I highly recommend purchasing the $5 premium access to the site -- it's awesome!

We've also redesigned the sidebar a bit and tried to streamline things. There are still a few little tweaks left to do, but we are loving the new design. We hope you enjoy it, as well!