Living in Florence: A Weekend Date at the Bargello

Rob and I had a little impromptu date day this past Saturday. We've been talking about going to the Bargello Museum since our first week here and we decided it was finally time to get our butts over there and check it out. Our laziness with checking out the Bargello is made even more lame when you consider the fact that entry is free with our Amici degli Uffizi cards. Lazy bums, I know.

I can't believe we waited this long to go. I can't speak for Rob, but I think the Bargello might be my favorite museum. Why? First of all, the building is steeped in history and houses lots of sculpture -- which I've slowly come to realize may just be my favorite type of art. I've seen Donatello's David so many times in books that it was almost surreal to see it standing (somewhat alone) in a massive room in the Bargello.

Because the Bargello was, um, totally empty, we basically got to enjoy the art, architecture and history at a great pace and without the pressure of crowds. Not more than 2 minutes walk away the Uffizi was completely packed, yet the Bargello was quiet and calm. I loved it!

Something else I loved about the Bargello is that despite all of the wonderful artwork exhibited, the place didn't feel visually packed. I love the Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti galleries, but sometimes when I walk out of there my head is spinning because I'm massively over-stimulated. The Bargello felt like a breath of fresh air in that respect. If you're visiting Florence, I really do urge you to check out this wonderful museum.