Vendemmia (aka the grape harvest!)

This past weekend we were invited out to our friend's family vineyard to help with the grape harvest. It was pretty awesome. We spent a few hours picking grapes and then we were completely spoiled with bread, salame and wine. I'm pretty sure Rob and I would work for food and wine every day if we could swing it.

It felt really good to get our hands dirty. When you sit in front of your computer all day working, sometimes you can forget what good old-fashioned hard work feels like. Instead of tiring us out, it actually kind of invigorated us!

Our friend Mollie was there snapping photos along the way. If you're Facebook friends with Rob or me you've probably seen her fantastic photography before, but if not you definitely need to check it out. She does really cool personal travel photography sessions -- so if you're taking a once in a lifetime trip to Tuscany you can get it documented in a really great way. You can check out here site here: