Living in Florence: More Photos from the Bargello, Part 2



I was looking through our photos from the Bargello visit a few weekends ago and realized that there were still a few more that I wanted to share. It's fun to play tourist, especially at a museum like the Bargello where the art, architecture and history are all really interesting. Fun fact: The three statues in the photo above and to the left used to be in Porta Romana right near our apartment. And, by "used to be," I mean like 300 years ago.

The day we were at the Bargello was a really bright day and there was a ton of sunlight coming in through the windows. It was so pretty and, as such, I have about a gazillion window photos from the Bargello. Thankfully for our blog readers, I've learned to edit down the number of photos that I include in posts!

I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. Wine Town is this weekend so, naturally, we'll be attending. Fingers crossed that we don't get stuck in a hail storm (again).

P.S. For those wondering what Winston has been up to lately, this is a pretty good recap: