Living in Florence: Brunch at Volume Cafe

There comes a time in every American-in-Italy's life abroad when they say "Seriously, I just want some damn french toast." That happened to both Rob and I yesterday and we had no clue where to find a good 'ol fashioned brunch at a reasonable price. We considered going to The Diner (which I like, and is a decent spot), but didn't feel like making the trek there. So, we gave up and made our way to our favorite cafe, Volume, in Santo Spirito.

We were there for about an hour when a couple sitting a few tables down was brought the most amazing brunch platter. Eggs! Bacon! French toast! Orange Juice! It was a brunch sampler; a great Italian take on the American brunch. Rob ordred two plates on the spot. Our review? It was glorious...all of the typical brunch foods, but in small portions. We left feeling full, but not stuffed. And, at 10 euro per plate, it didn't break the bank.

Want to try out Volume's brunch? It's offered most Sundays between 11a.m.-2p.m. Piazza Santo Spirito, 5r. We'll see you there.