Recipe: Simple Apple Tart

For the past few weeks I have been dying for an apple tart. Apples are in season and everywhere. Our local pastry/bread shop makes an amazing apple tart (Il Pane di Via Romana...a must-try for locals), but I really wanted to try and make one at home.

I visited one of my go-to resource for recipes, Smitten Kitchen, and was super excited to find an egg-free recipe for the Simplest Apple Tart. I hate baking and welcome any recipe that is simple. We sliced way too many apples and I was fully convinced that my dough basically sucked, so I didn't snap many photos -- I was convinced it would taste awful. But no, my friends, Smitten Kitchen always gets it right. This apple tart was delish and totally hit the spot. We ate half after dinner and half the next morning for breakfast. Mmmmm....

A modification and suggestions: we added cinnamon to the filling, which was amazing and spiced things up a bit. We don't own a rolling pin and, as such, had a bit of time getting the dough thin enough to have a workable surface area. If you're in the same boat as us, I'd suggest making more dough (and ending up with a slightly thicker crust) just so you have more surface area.

Click here to view the recipe at Smitten Kitchen.