House Hunters International Florence, Italy: Ciao to Our New Readers

Please note: this post is from 2011! Our episode aired originally in November 2011.

Our House Hunter's International episode was originally scheduled to air tonight (although the HGTV website says it will now air next week). No matter what night it airs, we wanted to make sure we had a special blog post to welcome new readers we pick up from the show -- I used to Google people featured on the show all of the time -- normal or stalkerish? You decide!

Anyway, we're glad you've found us and we hope you didn't find us too obnoxious on television :-) Our DVD copy from the production company has not arrived yet, so most people will see the episode before us!

We moved to Florence last January and filmed the episode in May. We had a blast with the crew over three days of filming, but there are a few things we'd like to say...

  • We promise we are nice people. Any trite/stupid/vapid/moronic statements made on camera were created for your viewing enjoyment and most likely aren't real things that we would normally say (although the stove in the red apartment was seriously hands were sticky for hours). If you do, however, feel the need to mock us further, check out this post from when we were fat!
  • I have no idea how the show will be edited, but for the love of all that is holy please do not believe what you might see on our episode about Italian dual citizenship. Contrary to the magic of "reality" TV, you do not walk into a consulate/embassy and walk out with a Carta d'Identita. In real reality, it's a long, drawn-out and often miserable process. We have lots of posts about it here.
  • Everyone thinks we are rich. We are not. We are two Type-A's that through OCD-levels of organization and budgeting managed to move abroad.
  • Not sure what "before" footage they'll show, but the restaurant my sister and I ate at in Philly is called El Vez and it's kind of amazing.
  • Yes, Winston is as cute as he appears on TV. Although he really is the stinkiest dog in the history of the world.

Once the episode airs we'd love to hear what you think...sound off in the comments below!