Vintage Cars in Piazza della Repubblica



About once a week the Wifi in the apartment stops working for a few hours. We used to let it upset us, but now we just take it as a sign that we're working too hard and that the internet elves want us to take a break :-)

This past Thursday when the internet decided to shut off, we took a walk to the city center. Imagine our surprise when we got to Piazza della Repubblica and saw a vintage car festival taking place! It was a small, but fantastic setup -- the cars and motorcycles were arranged from oldest to "newest," so you could see the progression of technology and design. Rob loved the red Alfa Romeo and I really loved the blue car from the 1920's.

I'm forever amazed by how easy it is to stumble upon amazing things like this in Florence. Whether it's a Renaissance flag festival or a car show, there is always something happening here.