Reflections on 2011: Documentaries

In the spirit of my book wrap-up for 2011 (Rob is putting together his own list!), we've put together a rather long list of all of the documentaries we watched this year. Rob and I love documentaries. Not to be cliche, but truth is always stranger and more entertaining/interesting than fiction.

The documentaries that we watched this year were amazing. If we absolutely had to pick our top three they would look something like this:

Kate's Top 3

  1. Man on Wire
  2. Visual Acoustics
  3. Waiting For Superman

Rob's Top 3

  1. Buck
  2. Man on Wire
  3. Ascent of Money

And because we're total nerds, here is our version of the Oscars:

Most breathtaking cinematography: Visual Acoustics
WTF Award: Tabloid
Should have been boring, but was awesome: Helvetica (um, about a font!)
Most heartwarming: Buck
Most depressing: Waiting for Superman or Inside Job
Cutest old guy: Bill Cunningham New York
Most batshit crazy premise: Tie: Man on Wire and Running the Sahara

Here's the complete list, with links out to IMDB so that you can learn more about them:

Since Man on Wire made both of our Top 3 lists, we leave you with the trailer...which gave us both goosebumps the first time that we saw it!