Reflections on 2011: Top Blog Posts

A quick bonjour/ciao/hello from Provence, France, where we are currently hanging out for this holiday week. The photo above was snapped the day after Christmas in the town of Draguignan.

It's hard to believe the year has almost come to a close...we still have a few more wrap-up blog posts to throw together before Saturday! So, lets start with this one: our top 10 blog posts from 2011. These were the most popular (in terms of traffic).

Top Ten Most Popular Posts

  1. An Open Letter to US Airways (Or the Five People You Meet in Hell)
  2. Expat Life Interview with Sara Rosso
  3. House Hunters International Florence Italy: Ciao to Our New Readers
  4. Expat Life Interview with Elizabeth Minchilli
  5. Expat Life Interview with Michelle Fabio
  6. Our Office Space Redecoration, Part Two
  7. Living in Italy: The Economics of Availability
  8. Kate and Rob in Florence: Then and Now
  9. Living in Italy: How Much Does It Cost?
  10. Living in Italy: The Numbers Game

It's always interesting to see what pages/posts are most popular on a site. Whether it's for ourselves or for clients, we're always reviewing some kind of traffic analytics data. It's not surprising to see that a lot of the most popular posts are practical in nature -- hearing from other Italy expats, how much it costs to live in Italy, and house hunters-related, of course. We'll try to do more of these types of posts in 2012...of course, they are the ones that require more planning and writing :-)

P.S. France is good and we'll be blogging about it soon, but we have a BIG confession: we MISS Italy like its crazy. I guess that's a good thing :-)