Our Holiday in France: Vidauban

On a whim, we decided to spend the week of Christmas in Provence, France. It was a relaxing and refreshing week, to say the least. We visited a few towns that we loved (and a few we thought for just ok), but all in all it was a great trip! Provence is a very charming part of the world.

We stayed in a cute little cottage in the town of Vidauban. Vidauban wasn't in any of the guidebooks we read, but it's an authentic little French town that is worth stopping off in if you're driving by. Plenty of restaurants, bakeries and little shops to keep you busy!

One of the really funny things about Vidauban/France that really struck us is how normal it is to see a personal walking down the street at lunchtime with 3, 4 or even 5 baguette under their arm. We were trying to think of what the Italian equivalent right be, but couldn't come up with one. Any ideas?

We'll be sharing more photos from our trip in the next few days!