The icecap has melted in Florence!

No exaggeration, check out the FROZEN arno from last week (those birds are STANDING on ice!)...

But, the good news is that even though today is a little gray and cold, the weather is getting better! Rob and I ventured out last Thursday on a beautiful and sunny day. I almost forgot how damn blue the sky gets here during Spring, Summer and Fall. In our warm weather bliss (actually, it was only low-50's, but it felt heavenly), we treated ourselves to lunch at Trattoria Anita.

If you find yourself in the Santa Croce/Palazzo Vecchio area and are looking for a delicious and budget-friendly meal, Trattoria Anita is a great choice. For 9 euro (plus a 1 euro coperto that includes bread), you get a primi, secondi and contorno (side dish). Apparently Thursday is lasagna day and Rob was all over that. I rarely make lasagna because of my issues with dairy, so he was a happy boy.

Crossing our fingers that the sunny, 60-degree weather in the forecast for later this week comes true!