Lucky Girl/Busy Girl


After staring at my computer and working in Photoshop for no less than 7 hours today, I turned around to see this cute combo. We've been super busy lately...busy in a "Wow, so many awesome projects at once!" kind of way and not the "OMG, I think I might cry" way. Because, trust me, we have done the latter and it ain't fun!

Hopefully in a month or two we can share some of our new client sites with you. They are AMAZING clients with fantastic offerings for those visiting Italy. Can't wait for you to see them.

More photos from around the city coming soon. April kickstarts a lot of the festivals, parades and other happenings around town that we so commonly stumbled upon last year. In fact, this Easter Sunday is Scoppio del Caro, which we blogged about last year.

Finally...I will be sharing a new recipe very soon. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy Olive Garden when in the US. I don't think anyone really goes there expecting authentic Italian fare, but they really do have some yummy Italian-American-ish dishes there...including Zuppa Toscana (which, sorry to report, resembles nothing of the sort here in actual Toscana). That beind said, it's a delicious soup. We concocted our own version last night -- a little lighter/healthier and less spicey -- and it was delish. Recipe coming shortly!