Classical Guitar in the Countryside


For as long as I've known Rob he's been a fan of classical music -- he proposed to me after a Dvořák concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. So, when our friends invited us to a classical guitar concerto in the countryside last Sunday we couldn't say no...especially since there was food included!

Georgette already wrote a great blog post about the event (which may include photos of my big 'ol bump, if you've been curious). It really was a beautiful concert. Classical guitar is easy to appreciate and enjoy, and the guitarist, Alexander Mironov is insanely talented. There was something wonderful about sitting there, closing my eyes and just relaxing in the middle of nowhere listening to this amazing music and the breeze blowing the trees. 

Not to mention, it was the first time I've felt weather south of 85 degrees in weeks. It was probably 70 degrees in the countryside and all of the Italians were in jackets and blankets. Everyone was worried that I was cold, but I was in heaven. I almost forgot what fresh, cool air feels like!