3 Spots for Gelato in Florence, Italy


Following up on last week's lunch picks post, here are three of our picks for gelato in Florence. Much like last week's post, we also want to reiterate that we don't claim these are the "best" in the city...just places we love to go when we're in the neighborhood!

  1. Gelateria della Passera, Piazza della Passera 15 - Small shop, small selection but always AMAZING. This is hands down our favorite in the city. The flavors are seasonal and always fresh. Rob's favorite is caffe, which tends to be available year round, and my favorite is pomegranate -- which will be back in season oh-so-soon! As someone that doesn't drink/consume milk, I also love their daily "senza latte" gelato menu. This piazza also has a few fantastic dining options and is a wonderful place to people watch, so be sure to stop by for those other reasons, too!
  2. Gelateria la Carraia, Piazza Nazario Sauro, 25/r - This is a favorite among a lot of Italians that we know and we agree that the gelato is absolutely delicious! This place gets packed on hot summer nights, but is worth waiting in line for. All of the gelato (including fruit flavors) tends to be creamy, so those with dairy sensitivities, be warned! Much like our first pick, this gelateria tends toward more seasonal flavors.
  3. Gelateria Santa Trinia, Piazza Frescobaldi, 11-12/r - This shop is dangerously close to our top pick, so we don't go often, but when we do it's always delicious. This gelateria is great because they have a lot of fun with their creations and often experiment with combos and flavors you wouldn't normally expect to see in ice cream form...so, be brave and try a unique flavor when you go.

One thing these three gelaterie have in common is that their prices are fair. A small gelato will run you from 1.50-2euro at each shop...about a euro cheaper than most spots in the city center.