Blogging Bootcamp - Florence, Italy

We get tons of emails from folks in the US and Italy asking about blogging. From design to SEO to general tips and tricks, there is a lot that people want to know about having a successful travel blog. That's why I decided to put together a one-day workshop here in Florence for bloggers... Blogging Bootcamp is a 1-day workshop for current and aspiring bloggers interested in learning exciting and valuable new technological skills. You’ll leave the workshop full of ideas and confidence, as well as the practical skills you need to amplify your current blog or create a fantastic new one.

Over the course of the day you will learn the basics of CSS, layout and design, Photoshop, search engine optimization (SEO), and editorial planning -- and the “big picture” of how these elements combine to create a successful blog.

Here are just a few of the skills and knowledge bases you will learn at Blogging Bootcamp:

  • Best practices in blog design, including layout, color combos and font selection
  • How to understand and write your own CSS blog customizations
  • The five best (and easiest!) Photoshop skills to create eye-catching blog images
  • Using and utilizing Google Analytics data to create SEO-friendly post titles that raise your search engine rankings and generate traffic to your blog
  • Creating an editorial vision, outline and plan for regular and engaging blog content

Where: UNA Hotel Vittoria in the San Frediano neighborhood in Florence When: Monday, December 3, 2012 | 9:00 am - 5:30 (one hour free for lunch on your own) Spaces Available: 15 Cost: $150 Workshop Tuition includes*: goodie bag, bootcamp guide, coffee break


Eventbrite - Blogging Bootcamp - Florence, Italy

Whether you blog for business or pleasure, fun or profit, Blogging Bootcamp provides the tools you need to take your blog to the next level.

What to Bring 

  • A laptop - participants can still learn a bunch without a laptop, but you’ll only be able to watch during our skills practice time. Don’t forget your laptop charger!
  • Photoshop: if you don’t have Photoshop installed, you can download the free 30-day trial. I suggest downloading it a day or two before bootcamp.
  • A small notebook and a pen/pencil to take notes

Cancellation Policy 

Given the small nature of the workshop, refunds cannot be issued. You can, however, transfer your enrollment to someone else.

About the Instructor

Kate Hash has called Florence home since January 2011. Her blog, La Vita e’ Bella, has a strong following and is one of the top search results for numerous Italy-related phrases. Her blog has been mentioned on BBC Travel, and Design*Sponge. In October 2011, she and her husband Rob were featured on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters International. Along with Rob, she works with both American and Italian clients to create stunning websites, social media strategies and more.

You may be wondering...

Who should enroll in Blogging Bootcamp? Blogging Bootcamp is designed with average blogger in mind -- you already have a blog and/or have knowledge of how blogs work. But, you are ready to learn tech savvy skills that will allow you to bump your blog up a notch or two. Blogging Bootcamp is a great choice for self-starters and those that love to learn new tech tricks. Who shouldn’t enroll in Blogging Bootcamp: those looking for a basic introduction to blogging. Basic knowledge of how blogs work is assumed of all participants.

Is it really possible to learn about ALL of these things in just one day?! Yes. We are not covering each topic in depth. Instead, Blogging Bootcamp is designed to give you a kickstart in each of these areas so that you can understand and utilize the vast amount of information and resources available on these topics. For instance, you may be dying to create better photo collages on your site, but are overwhelmed by the prospect of learning Photoshop. After Blogging Bootcamp, you’ll not only know how to make collages, but also the most important tools in Photoshop for blogging -- we ignore the ones you don’t need so that you aren’t overwhelmed! You can learn advanced tricks later once you’ve mastered the basics.

How much time will be spent learning about ______? The workshop length is 7.5 hours. We will spend almost equal time on the five main topic areas (CSS, Photoshop, SEO, Design/Layout, Editorial Planning). That being said, slightly more time will be dedicated to CSS and Photoshop because we will spend a bit of time practicing new skills as a group.

My blog is in WordPress/Blogger/Squarespace -- will the skills be applicable to my site? Yes! Every single thing we discuss at Blogging Bootcamp is applicable across most blogger platforms. Even Tumblr users will find the workshop helpful, although Tumblr provides less access to CSS and design element controls.

Have another question? Email hashconsulting [at] gmail [dot] com.

Eventbrite - Blogging Bootcamp - Florence, Italy

*No accommodations are included in tuition price.