A Day at the Museum: Palazzo Strozzi


Last week we spent a few hours exploring Palazzo Strozzi's latest exhibit, Anni Trenta: Arti in Italia oltre il fascismo. We've seen advertisements for the exhibit for quite a while now, so we decided to put Livia in the sling and have a little family museum date -- Livia's first!

Rob and I love museum dates so it is important to for us to used to having Livia along for these trips. Museums are a dream here during the tourism off-season and a great time to get our barings as parents to a little art appreciator :-)

Like all exhibits we've seen at the Strozzi, the curation of this exhibit was really wonderful. Everything was given context and insight. Paintings are explained and their relevance to their time and to the individual artists expounded upon. Neither Rob or I are art historians, so we appreciate the diligence paid to helping enrich the experience for us. 

Rob and I each had strong reactions to a few of the paintings. We both agreed that Donna al caffè (the painting you see in all of the promo materials for the exhibit) was the most striking and intriguing. But, we were also taken by Pippo Rizzo's Il nomade (Rob) and Adolf Ziegler's I quattro elementi (Me).

What was most fascinating, however, was the overall atmosphere and energy the artworks create as a whole. It all felt very eery and melancholy...very pre-war, 1930's.