Favorite Places in Florence: Il Barone


Last week when my parents were in town we took them to one of our favorite neighborhood spots: Il Barone. It's a great restaurant that never disappoints -- whether we go for a quick lunch or a longer dinner. In fact, Il Barone is where we had an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner last year. The prices are fair and the food is typically Tuscan.

The lunch deals last week were out of this world...bowls of ribollita and plates of grilled veggies with brie for just three euro a piece. Sometimes I think we get spoiled by these neighborhood spots that don't overcharge like those in the center. Especially when it comes to lunch, it's easy to eat great and cheap at places like Il Barone.

So, if you find yourself in the Porta Romana neighborhood be sure to check this place out: Il Barone, Via Romana 123r.