We're Back! Plus, a Call for Submissions.

Paris-1 We're back in Florence after a wonderful 5-day trip to Paris. Rob and I are both excited to report that we loved it. We weren't the biggest fans of southern France -- which we visited last December -- and are excited that we gave France another chance.

When you are blessed like we are to have a lifestyle that lets you travel to such dreamy places you can feel pressured to love every single place that you visit. We actually felt bad last year telling people that southern France wasn't our cup of tea. This "traveler's guilt" is a topic for a future post, for sure. I've talked to enough people here to know that it's a pressure many of us feel when visiting such "once in a lifetime" places.

We'll have a handful of posts in the next few weeks showing off some of what we saw in Paris. In the meantime, I wanted to post about a call for submissions for this blog!

Here's the Deal...

Early in the New Year we will be relaunching La Vita e' Bella. It's going to be a totally new look and approach for us, including more posts, guides and resources that our readers love. Our revamped blog is going to feature new series and, as such, we are looking for both contributors and interviewees. Check out what's below. If you're interested, send your pitch to hashconsulting [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Expat Business:ย Are you an expat with a successful business abroad? Whether you are a one-person show or the owner of a large company, we'd love to interview you for this series. Our readers love learning about how people have "made" it abroad. Those with businesses in Italy are preferred, but we'd love to hear from folks all over the world, too!
  • Italy City/Town/Neighborhood Guides: Share your favorites with our readers! Whether you live in a big city or small town here in Italy, we welcome your city guide submissions. You can write about a single neighborhood in Rome or a tiny town in Puglia. Your guide can be short and sweet or long and detailed. What's more, you can write a guide for all seasons or something specific like "Milan in December." Be creative! We do request 3-5 photos to accompany your guide.
  • Expat Life: We had a great series running in 2011 and we're bringing it back in 2013! If you're an expat living in Italy and want to be interviewed about how you found your way here (and why you've stayed!) we'd love to chat.
  • Regional Specialities: This new series is all about regional specialties and traditions. From food to wine to parades to holidays, we want to hear about what makes your region of Italy special. 3-5 photos requested for these posts, too.

That's all for now. We'll be back next week with new posts!