Renting a Stroller in Paris: Bambiloo Review


We faced a dilemma while planning our trip to Paris: to bring or not to bring the stroller. Our stroller is a beast; we refer to it as "our tank." It has big air tires and handles the cobblestone streets of Florence exceptionally well. We absolutely love it. The problem? It's not very compact and/or easy to travel with. Quick research about Paris told me that our stroller wouldn't handle public transportation system very well. So, what were we to do? Rent a stroller!

I found a company called Bambiloo. They rent not just strollers, but everything and anything baby-related that you might need. I was nervous to try them because I couldn't find any reviews online (a big part of why I'm writing one here), but I'm so glad we took the leap of faith. The stroller was delivered to our apartment door the night we arrived and picked up the night before our flight. We chose a compact model that could also double as a sleeping spot for Livia at night.

The stroller we rented arrived in great condition -- they are cleaned and sanitized between every rental -- and included a rain cover...which came in handy because it rained every single day of our visit. At just 7euro a day and a 20euro delivery fee, renting a stroller in Paris is a no-brainer. Having one less thing to worry about at the airport was great. Our Baby Bjorn made carrying Livia around without a stroller a cinch.

I highly reccomend Bambiloo and, in case you are wondering, we were not compensated in any way for this review. This is a public service for all those other moms that are Googling away looking for a review!