Visiting Paris: The Palace of Versailles


One of the highlights of our trip to Paris was a visit to the Palace of Versailles. Even though I've read about Versailles over the years, nothing prepared me for the awesome gaudiness that is the palace. Gold, mirrors, heavy textiles and bling at every turn. The Hall of Mirrors was particularly dizzying. The slightly more understated palazzi here in Florence are more my style, but Versailles was definitely a unique experience.

Versailles is a pleasant 35 minute RER train ride from the center of Paris. Even with Livia in tow we found it easy to navigate. The town of Versailles is actually quite pleasant, as well. I was a little bummed that more of Versailles wasn't open to tour, but I've read enough about art budget cuts in France (gasp!) to know that it may have played a part.

We opted to carry Livia the entire time in the Baby Bjorn and it worked out perfectly. We would have had to check the stroller at Versaille's "front door" anyway, so it wasn't worth dragging along on public transportation. Versailles was the very first time she faced out in the carrier and suffice she say that she was on visual overload!