What We Did This Weekend: The Up Series

61XG7XE8KMLI was two paragraphs into a New York Times movie review on Friday afternoon when I knew it was time to stop. I was intrigued and didn't want to be spoiled. A few hours later Rob and I were watching the first installment of the Up Series, first made in 1964. The NYT review is for 56 Up, the latest installment. As documentary film fans, how Rob and I missed this series until now is beyond me. The premise? The filmmaker has followed the same group of "kids" since they were 7 years old. He checks back in with them every seven years. In three days Rob and I watched all the documentaries up until age 42, which is where we are now. The films are fascinating.

The kids featured were chosen from all walks of life. Rich, poor. City, country. Public, private education. Where they end up and how they get there at each check-in is so interesting. We make predictions after each installment and sometimes we are dead-on and sometimes we are light years away. The biggest surprise for us? Suzy.

Anyway, if you haven't seen this series and are looking for rainy day activities, give this series a try. Honestly, you can start with 7 Plus 7 (the second installment). They recap enough of the first one that you'll be fine.