Blast from the Past: Moving to Italy

moving to italyWhen we redesigned our blog we discovered a lot of great posts sitting lonely and unappreciated in our archives. So many folks email us now about topics that we covered early on in our blogging life here on La Vita e' Bella. As such, we're pulling together some of the early favorites to share in hopes of giving them some new life. First up? All of our posts about moving to Italy.

Moving to Italy

What can we say about moving to ain't easy. We receive a lot of emails from people asking how they, too, can move to Italy. The fact of the matter is that everyone we know here has managed to carve a unique (and sometimes serendipitous) path to success in Italy. While some people have it relatively easy like us -- such as other Italian dual citizens and business relocations -- the truth is that it's really tough for most people. You really have to want it. And, you really have to know what moving to Italy and life in Italy is really life.

So, without further hoopla here are some of our favorite moving to Italy posts from the archives.

Our All-Time Favorite: The Realities of Moving Abroad

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Did we miss any of your favorites?