Living in Florence: Strolling Around Town

photo (26)   photo (27) Since we got back to Florence a few days ago we've been in recovery mode: living on coffee and walking around town a lot to try and help our bodies adjust to the time zone change. We're also on our post-travel "detox diet." We eat mostly veggies, rice and simple pastas in an attempt to keep our bodies from working too hard. Seeing as though we ate out at least once a day in the U.S. the detox diet is even more important for us this time around. So far everyone seems to be adjusting well.

Speaking of adjusting well, Livia is officially a little world traveler! She was fantastic on both flights, and adjusted to the time changes like a pro. We may make a point to travel a bunch while she is still young and low key.

This is also the time of year that we start thinking about what we want to "see" in the city before tourist season officially ramps up. Most of the museums will be too crowded to really enjoy starting in a few weeks, so we try to get in and check things out while they are still relatively calm. Any suggestions?