Up Next: A European Road Trip

AmsterdamAmsterdam Amsterdam Photos from Flickr and Copyright by Moyan Brenn

We have been nonstop since we returned from our trip to the U.S. last month. Busy with work, busy with baby (the baptism was this past weekend...photos coming soon!) and now busy with travel. Up next: a road trip through Italy, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands (and possibly France and/or Belgium). Wowza!

We are doing a home exchange with a lovely couple from Amsterdam. To say we're excited would be understatement of the century. We decided to drive instead of fly so that we could stop in parts of Europe we might otherwise never take time to visit. We'll be stopping and staying overnight about every 4 hours of the drive on the way up. So far, we're stopping in Fussen to check out the nearby castles and Bacharach for some small town Germany action.

As for the way back...no plans yet! The great thing about a home exchange is that we have a ton of flexibility. If we love Amsterdam we may end up staying there and then powering through the full drive (about 12 hours) in one day. Otherwise, the plan is to take another 2-3 days for the drive back. Maybe through France. Maybe back through Germany. We want to keep things open in case we end up seeing things along the drive up that we really want to see on the way back.

Is it wrong that I'm totally jealous of my daughter? She's only 6 months old and already a little world traveler!