Baptized in Florence


Regular readers know that we don't share photos of Livia very often on the blog. BUT, it just seemed like cruel and unusual punishment not to share a few of the stunning photographs shot by Birgitte during last weekend's baptism.

It really was a special night. We had a little (ok, not so little...25 people) apertivo at our apartment before celebrating the baptism during Easter Eve mass. Even though she wailed like a crazy girl during her big moment, it was beautiful and wonderful and we felt really blessed to share it with so many family and friends. I never could have imagined how much Florence would/could feel like home after two short years.

On a side note, the photos shot by Birgitte are nothing short of spectacular. If you are a Florence mamma looking for family photos or a soon-to-be traveler to Florence looking to capture your time here, I cannot recommend her enough!