Road Trip, Day One: Italy to Fussen

The drive from Florence to Fussen, Germany was amazing. I feel embarrassed saying this, but I had no idea Northern Italy was going to be that beautiful. The snow-capped mountains, the Italian-meets-German was all so charming. We haven't planned our return trip yet, but something tells me Bolzano might be on the itinerary.

Bavaria was equally as stunning. The scenery is to die for. I didn't expect to like Fussen so much. To be honest, I booked our hotel thinking it would be a little side town to the main event -- Neuschwanstein Castle. But, Fussen itself was super charming, full of cute little shops and nice people. We stayed at Hotel Ludwigs, which was recently remodeled and is clean, simple accommodation.

This is going to sound funny, but one thing that really stuck out to us in Northern Italy, Austria and Bavaria is just how clean and neat everything is. Coming from the land of beautiful chaos, it's almost disarming how proper everything looks around us.

Coming on Friday...Day Two of our trip so far.