Road Trip, Day Two: From Bavaria to the Rhineland


One our second full day of driving we went from Fussen in Bavaria to a small town near Bacharach in the Rhineland.

Before we officially got on the road, however, we spent two hours checking out Neuschwanstein Castle. As I mentioned in a previous post, it was breathtakingly gorgeous. As you can see in the photos above the clouds kept rolling in and out, making for fantastic photo ops.

Now, Neuschwanstein gets all the glory, but there is also another neat castle right in the same area, Hohenschwangau. It's pretty cool in its own right...

I'm sure that, in some ways, the two castles and the surrounding area are "better" in prettier seasons, but it was fantastic to see the area during a non-crowded time of year. Living in a touristy city like Florence has given me an appreciation of seeing cities in quieter months.

Coming soon...posts about Amsterdam, where we've been for 3 days. Spoiler alert: we're obsessed with this city!