Where to Eat in Amsterdam: Letting


After driving through Italy, Austria, Germany* and the Netherlands and "touring" rest stops in the process, our first full day in Amsterdam was all about finding a light, organic meal to start cleansing our systems of roadside fare. As luck would have it we happened upon Letting on Prinsenstraat after only 20 minutes of exploring the area immediately around our apartment. Wondering where to eat in Amsterdam? Letting is a must!

The menu may be small, but the portions are healthy. The ingredients are superb and the service friendly. Letting reminded me of some of the charming little cafes that you can find in the South -- Charleston and certain neighborhoods in Nashville come to mind. Amsterdam seems to be full of these small cafes/restaurants run by folks that really love what they do and that have their own unique take on specific cuisine.

Where to Eat in Amsterdam: Letting, Prinsenstraat 3  1015 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands.

*I feel it is only right to state that the rest stops in Germany we ridiculously nice. In fact, I'm pretty sure one of the stops was the single nicest highway rest stop that I will ever see in my lifetime.