Where to Park in Amsterdam - Our Experience

where to park in amsterdam

This post isn't as glamorous as our other Amsterdam posts, but it does cover an essential part of visiting the city: where to park in Amsterdam when you drive here.

We priced out one-way car rentals, but the difference in cost was absurd -- think $1500 ONE WAY. Crazy right? It was obvious that a long-term, standard rental (picking up and dropping off in the same location) was our only option.

The parking garages in the city center were ridiculously high. On street parking for six days was similarly expensive. A little research brought me to Amsterdam's Park + Ride. The result? Amazing, efficient parking.

Here are the main points about the Park + Ride system:

  • There are seven Park + Ride garages in the immediate outskirts of the city.
  • You can park in these lots for up to four days (as such, we had to move our car to two different lots over the course of our stay).
  • You get a FREE public transport ticket to use to get you back into the city and then to get you back to the lot to pick up your car. You can only use the free public transport ticket for those two journeys.
  • To get the special P+R rate (and the free metro ticket), you take the ticket you get when you initially enter the lot and bring it to the front desk.
  • The daily parking rate is only 8 euro.

That's it...it was that easy. You can tell we've been in Italy for a while because all we kept saying throughout the entire process was "can you believe how easy and straight-forward that was?"