Brunch in Amsterdam: Really Nice Place

Since arriving in Amsterdam we have not had Dutch food at all. Not once. Instead, we're gorging ourselves on all of the ethnic food that is available to us here and hard to find in Florence. Something else that's hard to find in Florence? Brunch, of course!

A little internet sleuthing led me to G&T's Really Nice Place, just a few minutes from our apartment and tucked away on a little side street. We had to wait for a table, but it was totally worth it. It's definitely not a spot that sees a lot of tourists -- the waitress says she knows just about everyone that comes through the doors and immediately asked where we were from. That is a good sign, in my mind.

My dad stuffed his faced with french toast, I with a club sandwich and Rob with eggs benedict. All were delicious! Rob was more than excited to see Pimm's on the menu (his very British summer drink of choice) and I had one of the best soy cappucinos I've had in a very long time! Rob and I may have snuck a piece of banana chocolate cake, too :-)

Looking for a great place for a weekend brunch in Amsterdam? Check out G&T's Really Good Place, Goudbloemstraat 9.