Pregnancy and Childbirth in Florence, Italy

On Monday, my birth story on Maple Leaf Mamma was posted! It's been eight months(!) since Livia was born and a few months since the interview, so it was really fun to reread the adventure that was giving birth in Florence. Ever since I started posting about having a baby here and a few tips for visiting Florence with kids, we've been contacted more than a few times for additional advice and insight. In an effort to provide a "one-stop-shop" post for those that need the info, I'm listing below all of the kid, pregnancy and childbirth-related posts right here.

Livia-23-Web-300x199Kate and Livia's Birth Story at Ponte a Niccheri from the Maple Leaf Mamma blog

Before emailing with any questions related to what it was like to have a baby here, use the Italian healthcare system, choose a hospital, find an OB-GYN, etc., I kindly ask that you read this extremely detailed interview!

Visiting-Florence-with-BabyVisiting Florence, Italy with a Baby

We receive a lot of questions from fellow Americans about visiting Florence with a baby and what to expect. This post is my attempt to answer questions about strollers, changing stations and car seats in Florence. This city is baby-friendly in some ways, but definitely not in others.

cloth diaper introductionFAQ: Everything You (N)ever Wanted to Know About Cloth Diapers

When someone finds out that we use cloth diapers they are always intrigued — including people who have no interest in kids! In this post, I outline (in detail) exactly how we make these diapers work in our casa. The biggest surprise? We've found it all rather easy.


IMG_2874Baby Abroad: First Steps

I think it’s valuable information to share for current and future expats that find themselves pregnant in Italia. Having a baby in Italy as an expat is definitely a unique experience. In this post, I outline the first steps you need to take to get on the baby-mamma healthcare track.


IMG_1575-webBaby Abroad: The Home Stretch

This post covers the "next steps" to take later in your pregnancy as you prepare to actually give birth. I cover topics like choosing a hospital, getting the final tests done and what decisions you can and can't make about the actual delivery.


For those that are interested, we've also rented baby equipment in Paris and Amsterdam and you may find those posts helpful when planning your own visits to those cities.