It's time for La Vita e' Bella Version 2.0

andy-warhol-quote You may have noticed that it's been a bit quiet on the blog lately aside from the Amsterdam posts. That's because I've been trying to figure out how to adapt this blog to fit my current life.

You see, when we started this blog nearly three years ago we weren't even in Italy yet. But, we were happy to talk about "the dream" and Italian dual citizenship and Italy. All. The. Time. For the past few years I've kept it up, feeling the pressure to be this superstar expat blogger covering the same topics over and over again.

It dawned on me lately that if I really want to continue this blog I need to refocus on what I actually want to write about -- style, design, parenthood, travel and, yes, sometimes Italy. But, I want my visually-focused posts to be juicier and my content-focused posts to pack more of an essay punch. If I pressure myself into posting one more dreamy photo of Florence I might hurl.

I love Florence. It has been our home for 2.5 years and is set to be home for at least that much or more. I love writing about this gorgeous city. I hate feeling pressured to be the expat blogger that people get to live vicariously through. I hate feeling like I can't do a post on beautiful collections of things I've found online because I'm afraid my audience won't like it.

A little over a year ago one of my favorite bloggers, Joy from Oh Joy! decided to totally switch things up. I remember it being a bit controversial at the time -- this big blogger totally refocusing her editorial and getting rid of contributors. I also remember being amazed by her for having the cajones to do it. Guest what? I still love her blog and I'm almost certain her readership hasn't suffered. Being true to herself simply worked.

So, here's the deal:

  • This is officially my blog more "we." I love my hubby, but all of our friends and family have known that this is really my blog. I do 99.9% of the posts, take the photos and write the content. It's my voice and my internet baby.
  • As such, the blog may get a tad more feminine now that I'm no longer trying to keep the we-ness of it in check. To the few regular male readers this blog has, I apologize.
  • It's going to be an experiment for a while as I figure out how much of our life to really put out there. I'd love to be one of those bloggers that feels comfy slapping baby photos all over the place, but it's not been me so far.

So, there you have it. After 320 posts(!), I'm making the editorial decision to switch things up a bit. Oh, and I may have totally taken a sledgehammer to the design and simplified it like woah.

I hope you all understand and enjoy the new style of content.

xo, Kate