Movin' on up!

florence-map-all-postersFlorence City Map from

I guess the big news around these parts is that we're moving to a new apartment in a few months. It wasn't a decision that we made lightly -- we love our current apartment. It was our first place in Florence, the place we brought Livia home from the hospital to and where we've made a lot of memories (cue House Hunters International intro music).

But, after the last year we've learned that a different space really was necessary for two mains reasons. First, because we work from home we spend a lot of time in our apartment. This apartment has many redeeming qualities, but natural light is not one of them. That makes work days in the winter and on rainy days really dismal and dark.

The second reason is that the space plan for this apartment isn't ideal for us anymore. Our office is set up in our living room -- which is fine when you don't have people staying with you, but with so many visitors and a baby, the room starts to feel really, really cramped.

We started casually looking for places about six months ago and actually checking places out about 8 weeks ago. We didn't expect to find a place so fast, but we did. And, it's kind of perfect.

Never in a million years did I envision us moving more central in Florence. If anything, I thought we'd move further out where you typically get more bang for your buck. But, we saw a fantastic, newly redone place in an immaculately-kept building in centro and simply couldn't pass it up.

In fact, we saw two very similar apartments in centro at the exact same price, size and building type. We ended up going with the aforementioned "perfect" spot because it had been completely redone, whereas the other just superficially fixed up.

So, expect a bunch of furnishing-the-new-apartment posts. I'm am scoring some seriously amazing stuff on I've always loved Ebay, but using it in Europe opens up an entire new world of options. Danish modern furniture shipping from Germany? Check. Amazing modern Persian rug from Corsica? Check. Seriously you guys, Rob and I are pinching ourselves at what we've found. Can't wait to share!