What 9 Months Looked Like


Livia has just passed the 8 month mark and I find myself wondering how it is possible that this little girl is growing so fast. It's crazy town! I decided that it's finally time to share the little photo project we undertook while I was pregnant: monthly progress photos.

I admire those ladies that somehow manage to take a weekly photo, but in that state -- in the heat of summer -- it was challenging enough to find one day where I didn't look like a total hot mess.

If you're wondering how we accomplished this project it was actually pretty darn simple:

  1. Once a month (typically around the 15th for consistency) we took a photo in front of a solid white wall.
  2. Using PhotoShop, I edited out the background and inserted a fun solid color*.
  3. Each month I would add the photo to the master collage above.

God bless month 5 when I finally transitioned from fat chick to dignified pregnant woman :-) Also, God bless pregnancy hormones that gave me shiny, healthy and thick hair. I would *almost* get pregnant again just for the hair. Fun fact: I think this is the first time I've ever worked in PhotoShop and tried not to make myself look skinnier.

Honestly, I LOVED taking the monthly photo and watching the master collage above slowly fill up with photos. It blew. my. mind. to think that the final photo would include a baby. We're doing something similar for Livia's first year (that does include weekly photos) that I'll eventually share, too and it's so cool to see how much she's changed over 34 weeks.

*Sadly, my pale skin against the white background meant that the magic background eraser tool in PhotoShop was useless, so I had to use my Bamboo tablet and pen for most of the editing. After month two I got pretty good at it and editing only took about 20 minutes.