gandhi-quote Can you believe it's halfway through 2013 already? Like, seriously, where has this year gone? I look back and know that 2013 included a trip to the U.S. and an epic roadtrip to Amsterdam, but it seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye.

To be honest, I've been exhausted lately. We're planning a move, having drama with our current apartment, busy with lots of work and have our little lady to take care of -- although, I must admit, Livia has been one of the easiest pieces of the puzzle lately...even with new teeth on the horizon!

me-and-livI'm pooped. Once we're in our new place, I'm determined to take it easy just for a bit. Lately, I find myself exhausted by other people, too. I'm realizing more and more that I need to focus on me, Rob, Livia and a handful of people that really matter in my life. Goal for the rest of 2013: cut out the bullshit.

Yesterday, Livia and I joined a few of our gal pals for a Sunday potluck brunch. It was nice to just relax for a few hours, eat, catch-up and take it easy.  It was nice to spend time with people whose friendships I value, stories I love to hear and opinions I take to heart.

One of the things I worried about most when we moved abroad over 2.5 years ago(!) was making friends. Honestly, it was something we struggled with in Louisville and that factored into our leaving. Suffice to say, Rob and I have both made really amazing friends here (both mutually and independently). I feel a common ground here with people that I haven't necessarily experienced before. It's nice and refreshing.

Sorry if this post has downer undertones, it can just be so exhausting when you are forced to put up with stuff that is totally out of your control.  Rest assured we are working hard to keep this from happening in the future.