How to Follow this Blog

For months my FeedBurner feed has been going crazy. Most people don't see our blog in their reader anymore and even those that do find it unreliable. Google announced it was discontinuing FeedBurner support a long time ago, but I refused to accept the truth: this easy-to-use product is no longer an option. So, here's how to follow my blog now:

Option #1: Subscribe via Email

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Option #2: Add My RSS to Your Reader

Whether you use Bloglovin' or NewsBlur or Feedly or one of the other gazillion blog readers out there, you can now use this feed to include my blog:

Unlike my old FeedBurner feed, this one will actually work. I've confirmed it in Feedly and NewsBlur. Both of these options will now be available in my top drop-down bar area, as well.

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