An Ode to Via Romana

IMG_3086 It's hard to believe that in about 10 days we will no longer be living on via Romana. It's bittersweet -- we are so, so, so excited about the new place and know that it's the right move for us, BUT there is no denying that via Romana is one of the best streets in town. Plus, everyone on this street knows us. Knows Livia. It's a total comfort zone. Boboli Gardens behind us, Palazzo Pitti just a few minutes down the street, Santo Spirito nearby. It's one of the best neighborhoods in the city. Life is going to seen very odd for the first few months as we get adjusted to our new 'hood. New vino sfuso, new grocery, new vegetable stand.

Thankfully Florence is a small city and our new neighborhood is still only a 15-minute walk from this one. Plus, getting to discover a new neighborhood is fun. I can't wait for summertime nightly walks down new side streets.