Summer in Florence

July2 July-1

Well folks, we're deep into the heat of summer here in Florence. Today it's hitting 88, which feels downright cool compared to the 95 degree days sandwiched on either side. I find myself wondering how I ever made it through last summer pregnant, and then I remember that I never left the house during daylight hours. I was basically a vampire those last few months.

The new neighborhood is really growing on us. My expat friends might be shocked to hear this, but I think I like living in centro better than via Romana. Everything just feels so close and easy. Of course, it takes a little work here to find high quality groceries/bread/wine since so much is geared to tourists, but generally speaking it's such a fun place to be.

The photo above is Rob taking part in our new morning routine. Livia has us up early -- between 7 and 8am -- so we take the fam for a peaceful, cool early morning walk every day. Our main stop is to the water station built into the side of Palazzo Vecchio. At that hour of the morning it's typically us and the over 65 Italian crowd. Needless to say Livia is always entertained!