Reasons to love Florence: Il Duomo

The duomo florence the dome in florence)

duomo firenze

Living in the center of town has given me a whole new appreciation for the amazingness (yes, I just used that word) that is La cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore è il Duomo di Firenze -- aka The Dome.

Now that we're central I find myself looking up at the Duomo from new angles and side streets. I'll be walking down a tiny alley when, boom, there it is, peeking out over the buildings. I love seeing the Duomo from new angles because the building is huge and you are always discovering something new.

Case in point? In the top photo above there is a portico/walkway at the base of the dome. Looking closer, it appears that the walkway was probably initially intended to wrap all the way around, but it's just on that one side. Rob, in particular, is a history/architecture junkie and when we spotted the portico last week he was shocked to have never noticed it before. Any art historians out there know the secret? If so, tell us on our Facebook page!

The Duomo seems to be in a constant state of restoration and given its size I'm not totally surprised. I imagine that the scaffolding just works it's way around and around, up and down and over again.