Make Your Desktop Pretty: Quotable Desktop Wallpaper

free desktop wallpaper with quotes I've been doing a lot of development work lately and to keep my mind and creative eye fresh I've made a point to do some fun design projects on the side. One of those little projects is a redesign of our Hash Consulting site -- I'm excited to share it in a week or two once it's finished and live!

One of the other fun side projects is a new 2x a month desktop wallpaper download I'm offering here on the blog. Twice a month I make pretty wallpapers and then post them here for your viewing pleasure!

This first quotable desktop wallpaper is available in 1856x1160 and 2560x1440. The files are pretty small, so you can download both and see what works best for you.

I'm really inspired by this minty green color lately (as you'll see even more when the new Hash Consulting site launches!).