7 of the Best Lifestyle Blogs that I Can't Live Without

Best lifestyle blogs So often on this blog I share my Italy and travel favorites, but the truth is I spend most of my blog-reading time on lifestyle and home design blogs. Today I'd like to share a list of my favorites and 7 of the best lifestyle blogs out there (in my very humble opinion).

  • Oh Joy! is a wonderful, fresh and modern lifestyle blog run by graphic designer, writer and all-around awesome lady Joy. I've been a regular reader for years and love how Joy's blog has grown and evolved.
  • Emily Henderson is an insanely talented interior designer and stylist. Every room she posts to her blog I would live in in a heartbeat.
  • Notes on Design is a tumblr full of amazing design-related photos from fashion, home design and travel.
  • Lesley and Natalie are two wonderful women I had the pleasure to work with on Southern Flourish a few years ago and I've been following their blogs ever since. Both are amazing, honest writers and extremely talented gals.
  • A Cup of Jo is an obvious choice, but like everyone else I adore Joanna and have been following her for years. Seriously, I think I stumbled upon her blog in like month #1. It's been fun to see her life grow and change. Also, her hair tutorials are amazing.
  • Elephantine is a recent discovery of mine and I absolutely love it. It's a great mix of photos, stories, fashion and the little things that make a day. So pretty.

What I love about the bloggers above is that their blogs feel honest and fun -- they are definitely meant to be inspiration and a bit aspirational, but they are still real. Because, seriously, if I see one more craft blogger posting about DIY homemade paper flower crowns I will hurl -- I mean, really? Who wears those in real life?

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