Sweet Treats in Florence - La Milkeria

lamilkeria-1 lamilkeria-2 lamilkeria-4 lamilkeria-3 One of the very first nights we spent in our new neighborhood we ventured out in search of gelato.  You don't have to look very far in Florence for a gelato shop, but you do need to look closely to find good gelato. We stumbled upon La Milkeria at Borgo degli Albizi 87R, which we learned had just opened about a week before. We've been back a few times since (most recently a few nights ago) and it never disappoints.

What the shop lacks in a wide selection of gelato flavors, it makes up for in quality and the selection of other sweet treats available. From waffles to crepes to milkshakes and cookies, this place is a must-visit for anyone with a serious sweet tooth. They had a flavor this summer that tasted like creamsicle -- a little slice of home!

One thing I love about La Milkeria is that it's clear a lot of thought went into everything -- the food, the decor, the experience. I adore all of the traditional shops in Florence, but after our trip to Amsterdam earlier in the year I found myself longing for more concept shops and eateries here in Florence. La Milkeria definitely fits the bill!

P.S. Sorry the photos are a little dark -- I snapped them at night time!